“New” Ravi B – Bread (YMCMB) “Chutney Soca 2014″ [HD]

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Siennasunshine says:

*makes sign of cross*
*prays for future ppl listening to chutney*

Siennasunshine says:


panoramaphotos says:

Who produces such bullshit? This is a shame to the indian cutlture in
Trinidad & tobago, good voice but u wasting it signing crap

Ravin persaud says:

Good song

Shawn Sukhram says:

Just ruined a classic indian song as usual…/:

Imran mustafa says:

☆wicked wicked wicked☆

colleen kelly itwaru says:

Lol i see me an dem girls puttib up our hands 

amrit gayah says:

why panoramaphotos doh hul he @$$ and stop commenting shit

TheNickH3X says:

complete shit :/

devi jagnanan says:

good song….my hands up..lol..keep it up ravi b

siddiqah mohammed says:

lolllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz ravi b

Chris Sankar says:

It’s true the indian song to this is a lot better. He took a song a ruined
it. Not everything he comes out with is original. Im not saying anything is
wrong with him or the genre of music. But, chutney is basically remakes of
old indian songs. It is not really original. 

Corey Samuel says:

but bein real he ent reachin no where wid dis


its a funny song and speaks truth 

Levanie Mohan says:

its yuh mudaaa i tell yuh hmmmm

SuGa Dalin says:

Is yuh muddaaaa!

krishna dass says:

That is d most asininity ah ever hear, Ravi boi yuh outdid yuhself dis
time. An stop tiefing ppl melody nah man, compose yuh melody for yuh
dotishness. Buh sadly is arseholes like chevas regal way dus encourage dis

SeniorPanduh says:

What is YMCMB?? thats in parenthesis?

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