Pink Just Give Me A Reason – Dubstep Remix

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lea lantos says:

Wow thats the best dubstep mix of this Song, ist awesome ^^

Kipper GamingPL says:

Give download!!! PLEASE!

Kipper GamingPL says:


Mrnarutofan1998 says:

You call this dubstep? this is not a case of dubstep, it has not even a drop

peter griffin says:

the people commenting are rather fake accounts by the uploader or totally retarded, this is not dubstep, and its a shit “remix”

roccospecht says:

klingt zwar gut aber es ist kein dubsteb!

imkrekar says:

dude! this is a discrease to dubstep…
it’s only a speed up of the original, and don’t even have a drop, sooo… rename it to remix and remove the wallpaper in the video

Marek Krowoski Babalu says:

love it ;D

OhhJoshhh says:


Mona Abdi says:

this aint a dubstep!

Chantal Geller says:


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